The City’s Commercial Decorator fulfilling the Capitals unique and specialist decorating requirements for over 40 years

Our services range from general painting and decorating, to Silk wall paper and gilding.

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Commercial offices decoration

Interior décor is essential to any office for creating an attractive, welcoming and productive environment, we can provide the high quality finish you require, with works ranging from general painting and decorating, to the application of more specialist finishes, graphics or window decals. At GSE Decorating we ensure that we maintain the highest quality trade experience and competent project management.

GSE as decorating specialists have four decades of experience in commercial office decoration projects our unique skill is combining those high quality trade skills with the project management skills required to produce work of the highest quality.

We pride ourselves on our helpful proactive attitude and practical advice. GSE operatives complete vigorous training courses to produce trades people of the highest quality at every level of the organisation.

GSE has an exemplary Health and Safety record maintained by a complete health and safety infrastructure in operation to ensure the safety of our highly valued operatives.

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Residential project decorations

Commercial decoration of large scale residential projects is a specialised operation. High quality decorations in a large number of individual units, with numerous trade interfaces requires careful and experienced project management.

At GSE we have dedicated project management and trade professionals to ensure your project runs smoothly. We have years of experience of managing the trade to trade interfaces and ensuring that the highest quality decorations are maintained throughout the project.

Our decorators are skilled trade persons, clean in application and helpful in approach.

We are well practiced in accelerating programmes to deliver projects in time and with volume, we can often have 150 decorators on an individual project, with decorations of the highest quality.

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Heritage decorations

GSE Decorating Specialists are proud to be corporate members Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB)

Over the years GSE Decorating Specialists have been proudly entrusted to protect reinstate and preserve some of the UK's most important listed buildings containing inspiring architecture, decoration and history.

We pride ourselves as decorating specialists that our decorators have a vast experience in interior and exterior heritage decoration. We understand and apply the specialist requirements you need for such properties, such as the painting of lime plasters, distemper, color matching and the use of traditional colours and materials.

Our services, include paint analysis, colour matching and consultancy with a dedicated team of trade experts advising and using modern and traditional materials and techniques as appropriate.

Oil gilding:

This technique is used for general decoration and with appropriate preparation oil gilding can be applied to most building surfaces, both indoors and out. Gold 'size', a type of glue, is applied to a well-prepared, fine ground of either paint or 'gesso'. Gold leaf is laid on when the size is touch dry but retains enough tack for the leaf to adhere. Because of the extreme thinness of the leaf it is manipulated onto the sized surface with tools specially developed for the purpose.

Water gilding:

This is a more elaborate process requiring greater preparation, but its elegance and refinement of finish are unsurpassed. Water gilding is used mainly for picture frames, furniture, religious artefacts, sculpture, objets d'art and also for the embellishment of stately buildings.


A good marble finish requires a skilled eye to replicate the subtleties of the real material. The ancient art of Marbling has been around since Roman times, but was refined and defined by the Italian Renaissance masters. Marbling gives the impression of heavy and expensive materials in locations where, for practical reasons, they can’t be used.


Graining is the realistic reproduction of natural materials, in this case wood, on panels, staircases or furniture. Like marbling it has been used for centuries to create the appearance of fine and expensive building materials.

Trompe l’oeil

Trompe l’oeil, which literally means to trick the eye, is a specialist paint technique which creates the illusion of depth and dimension usually on a wall or ceiling.

Creating the impression of panels, carvings, and architectural features and the technique can be used to enhance the overall feeling of space within a room or corridor.


Glue bound distemper, or 'soft' distemper as it is sometimes called, is one of the most porous forms of distemper paint. It is usually produced from powdered chalk (calcium carbonate) and size (gelatin) such as rabbit skin glue. This material was often specified to provide a temporary decorative scheme on new lime plaster which is still carbonating, because of its vapour permeability.

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We offer a comprehensive range of painting and decorating solutions for hotels and other hospitality based environments.

GSE as decorating specialists have four decades of experience in hotel refurbishment and decoration, our unique skill is combining those high quality trade skills with the project management skills required to produce work of the highest quality.

We pride ourselves on our helpful proactive attitude and practical advice. GSE operatives complete vigorous training courses to produce trades people of the highest quality at every level of the organisation.

With our extensive experience we offer specialist painting and coatings such as low odour and quick drying paints, hard-wearing and washable surface paints and hygienic coatings for kitchens. Whatever the working environment, we will have both the painting and decorating products and refurbishment industry know-how.

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Car parks

GSE Decorating Specialists provide a complete range of car park refurbishment and decoration services – everything from car park deck coating systems to general decorations and line markings.

We can provide colourful car park deck coating systems which provides a crack bridging, waterproof surface, for intermediate decks of car parks, also reducing noise and improving light reflectivity.

We work with car park owners and operators to extend the life of parking areas through preventative maintenance and corrective measures. By scheduling our work outside operating hours or busy periods, we make sure that minimal revenue is lost through closure or access restrictions.

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Wall coverings

Your walls can say a lot about you!

It takes years of training and experience to achieve stunning results with preparation and patience before applying luxurious papers, fabric and grass weaves to walls.

Our Professionals will hang your Wall coverings to achieve the quality finish desired. We regularly hang wall coverings in homes, restaurants, and offices, from total decoration schemes to a single feature wall.

The preparation of the surfaces to be worked upon is absolutely crucial to the end result. We offer a full preparation service, including the removal of existing wall-coverings, all making good, stain correction, and application of lining paper where needed prior to the finish wall-covering.

All types of wall covering can be hung, repeat patterned paper, grass weaves, paper backed silk & fabric, wide vinyl, flock, textured or bespoke panoramic. We have enjoyed creating amazing results with wall coverings.

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Paint spraying

We can spray any colour any finish any pattern.

From the spray painting large areas of emulsion to accelerate programmes to the specialist application of spray paint to intricate and ornate features, we have the spray options and solutions available for you.

We can provide a spray option on site for architect specified finishes. For high transfer efficiency and minimal overspray, we use the latest High volume low-pressure (HVLP) spray technology for applying lacquers, varnishes, stains, and paints of all kinds.

Our spray teams are dedicated trade professionals with the skill and expertise to ensure the high quality finish you require.

Spraying can be used for the application of many types of coatings including decorative, fire and protective coatings.

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Specialist paint effects

Specialist paint finishes and decorative painting have played an important role in the revival and reinvention of interior design. Our decorative finishes include a variety of paint effect techniques, from classical decoration techniques, to modern paint effects. GSE Decorating Specialists has the skills and the decorative finishing team to provide the perfect high quality finish.

We can provide samples and finishes in the following.

  • Graphic affects
  • Lettering and numbering
  • Marbling
  • Rag rolling
  • Sponging
  • Stippling
  • Graphic affects
  • Colour Washing
  • Combing
  • Stenciling
  • Stone effects

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Digital Wallcoverings

You want to see your brand brought beautifully to life, why not let us take your ideas and print them onto wallcoverings, window film or acrylic. Digital wallcoverings can be used to create feature areas, or floor to ceiling graphics.

A wide range of base materials are available. All are contract quality, fire rated and suitable for commercial interiors. The standard print bases are available in smooth, stippled or canvas textures.

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Window graphics

Create impact, stunning effects can be created by combining glass and your graphic design. You can also keep the design flowing, by digitally printing adjacent wall surfaces too.

Window film base material is clear or frosted. Can be printed in any colour, with a 7 year exterior life span.

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